The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The Bridge Over Troubled Waters The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Every year for the past 14 years, Frank DeLape spends Christmas Eve playing the role of Santa Claus for the children of The Bridge Over Troubled Waters; fulfilling the requests of children’s wish lists.  Frank is joined by his wife, Kimberly DeLape, and together they spread goodwill and hope to all of the families at The Bridge. The festivities include cookies, candy, musicians, hugs from Santa and, of course, presents! Each child is called forth one at a time to receive the Christmas gifts they asked for in the letters they wrote to Santa. Kimberly and Frank have fulfilled requests for everything imaginable from laptops to Nike shoes to the age-old Cabbage Patch Kid.

The Bridge Over Troubled Waters was incorporated in 1978 as a non-profit shelter program offering a family-like atmosphere for women and children in crisis situations. Today it is one of the largest crisis centers in Texas providing education and prevention services, counseling and legal advocacy, rape crisis and victim assistance services to more than 20,000 people annually.

“Each year, Santa Frank and his elves give the gift of hope to children in our emergency shelter who have been in crisis situations.  From the newborn to the young man entering college, he touches their lives with his generosity.  Often it is the first time in their troubled lives anyone has cared enough to give them a true “want” and not simply fulfill a need.  The DeLape family is a true partner with The Bridge in making positive change in the lives of survivors.”
Deborah Moseley, LBSW
Executive Director
The Bridge Over Troubled Waters