San Jose de Malambo Orphanage

Malambo OrphanageFounded in 1890, the San Jose de Malambo orphanage houses 150 children. Of the 150 children, 27 are infected with the HIV virus. These children range from infancy to 18 years of age and live in the pediatric AIDS dormitory/clinic at the Malambo Orphanage. For more than 116 years, the orphanage...  Read more

Project Backpack

Project BackpackFrank and Kimberly DeLape are dedicated to giving back to the community and to further their support in Panama, they have implemented Project Backpack. In Panama schools require the children to have the proper supplies in order to attend school. To meet this need, Frank and Kimberly... Read more

The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Kimberly and Frank DelapeEvery year for the past 14 years, Frank DeLape spends Christmas Eve playing the role of Santa Claus for the children of The Bridge Over Troubled Waters; fulfilling the requests of children’s wish lists.  Frank is joined by his wife, Kimberly DeLape, and together they spread goodwill and hope to all of the families at The Bridge. The festivities include cookies, candy, musicians, hugs from Santa and, of course, presents! Each child is called forth one at a time to receive the Christmas gifts they asked for in the letters they wrote to Santa. Kimberly and Frank have... Read more

UNICEF Programs

The Indians in the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro are hunters and gatherers, operating mainly out of their cayugas (boats) and huts. Within the families the father and son eat first because they provide the food source for the family and the infants/toddlers eat last. In addition, the families drink rainwater from the roofs, which give a majority of the children dysentery due to the lack of a developed immune system. Dysentery causes the children to become seriously sick and is the cause for high child mortality rates in the Bocas del Toro region... Read more